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Design and digital simulation

Technical decisions validated by an ultra-modern digital simulator.

Our range of tuna seine nets is the result of technical choices validated by an ultra modern digital simulator.  We work with the very latest computer technology so that we can offer fleet owners and fishing companies the very best made to measure seine nets.  


A concentration of technology to simulate the precise constraints of each fishing area 

LE DREZEN has designed and developed its own digital simulation programme.

This world exclusive computer technology developed by LE DREZEN  allows us to study the behaviour of the nets in various fishing conditions and to make adjustments to your current nets.

Each of the seine net’s specifications - the design, the diameter of the thread, the cut, the assembling – contritube to the performance and durability of the nets.

Advantages :

  • Targeting performance by optimising the design of the fishing gear, drop speed, etc…
  • Observing tension at each point of the net and runner during the various stages (turning, pursing)
  • Testing new techniques and materials (Dyneema, PES, etc.) 


Le Drezen