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Fish better and faster to increase your fishing catch

LE DREZEN is one of the world’s 5 largest manufacturers of tuna seine nets.  Fishing gear designed by LE DREZEN has a 30%  longer service life than our competitors’ brands.

The enhanced performance  of LE DREZEN products is the result of innovative choices, years of experience in the production of fishing gear (over 400 complete seines designed and assembled) and customer feedback.

Fish better and faster...  

LE DREZEN designs high performance fishing gear which increases the seine’s sinking speed and sinking depth.  It is designed to improve your fishing techniques and optimise your fishing catch by minimising fishing operations.


Increase the service life of your tuna seine net…

Thanks to the expertise of our research department and the mastery of the 7 industrial stages of manufacturing nylon threads and netting, LE DREZEN has increased the life service of its fishing equipment considerably.

For the fleet owner, this means less rigging and changing components during technical shutdowns which reduces  your maintenance costs by 40%.

  • 50 % more durability before changing and rigging, thanks to «  PA high tenacity rope » 12 strand braids with lower elastic elongation and better resistance to abrasion than twisted ropes.
  • Double the service life of your standard chain by using, for 5 to 7 years, a double link galvanized chain (hot-dip continuous heat) made by LE DREZEN.
  • Technical treatment to  stabilise the net and increase durability by 20%.
  • Use of high performance black nylon braided nets to avoid discolouring of the net over the years and for better UV resistance.


Le Drezen