Research & Development



For over 50 years LE DREZEN has been working alongside tropical tuna fleet owners and skippers in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and now in the Pacific ocean, providing expertise in the design and production of tuna seine nets and improving their performances in the fishing zones.

The future of fishing is imagining optimal performance purse seine nets 

Thanks to its expertise, feedback from fleet owners and the excellent standard of the Research and Development team which uses a world-exclusive digital simulation programme, LE DREZEN designs and builds high performance fishing gear, mastering cutting edge technologies and costs whilst maintaining fishing capacity and a long service life of the tuna seine nets.

Each product is manufactured using industrial processes that meet the challenges of sustainable and responsible fishing and the demands of fleet owners and fishing companies.

This technical advance is reinforced by our collaboration with the WIRECO WORLDGROUP which, with LE DREZEN, is the only Western industrial group to design and manufacture complete tuna seine nets.  We also specialise in the design and fitting of sardine seine nets and pelagic trawls.