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Maintenance : you are never alone

We are with you before, during and after the busy fishing seasons !



On-site technical assistance 24/7, 365 days of the year anywhere in the world!  

LE DREZEN offers a maintenance service and a customer service.  Our technicians travel to fishing zones all over the globe during technical shutdowns acting quickly to reduce the duration of the immobilisation of your vessel.

On land, our research and development department offers free assistance.  Our research and development team deals with all technical modifications providing updated plans and manages projects alongside seine contractors, in all fishing zones, at a special rate.

The « preventive maintenance contract»

Do you want to ensure optimal performance of your seine net before the busy fishing season ? LE DREZEN offers a preventive maintenace contract before the busy fishing seasons.  Periodic inspections and services ensure that your seine net maintains its functional characteristics and prevents any  malfunctions which could be detrimental to fleet owners and fishing companies.


Le Drezen