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Strengths of our business

  • Globally, be one of the only 2 Industrial + Designer  in the tuna purse seine market able to equip armaments on all the 3 oceans, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific
  • The industrial - designer offering a Tuna Purse Seine with more 30% usage time to the standard of the market,
  • Seine recognized to improve performance and has the cheapest annual operating costs on the market,
  • The experience to well assemble nets and all the components witch are 90% manufacturing in our factories,
  • The use of a numerical simulator of high technological level
  • A strong innovation based on the worldwide leader WireCo
  • An after-sales and maintenance for the benefit of the boats directly on the fishing grounds
  • Mobility and constant adaptation in the context of monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Le Drezen is an industrial company involved in sustainable and responsible fishing, environmentally


Le Drezen