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Calculation of all the tuna purse seine cost prices

The Purchase price is only a part of the costs,
Le Drezen is looking to reduce a maximum all costs 
To well appreciate the annual total cost, our advice is to calculate and add all the cost:
Annual investment costs
Annual maintenance cost
Loss due to the number of days without fishing to tears and technical stops x 22000 $ per days

Buying a Tuna purse seine Le Drezen ?

What are  the benefits  ?
You greatly reduce all your annual costs, because with a Le Drezen tuna purse seine  :
  • You  will use more than 30 % on duration and for that will reduce your annual depreciation budget,
  • You will have less 50% on tears to reduce maintenance cost
  • You will reduce 50% of expansive technical stops days,


Constant innovation for the shipowner

2016    Project R&D 2016/2019 “Dreztop” to create a new generation on technology with the goal to gain 30% on duration
2016    R & D Project to create the model "Drezcare" preventive analysis of the seine ageing state
2014    R & D approach more reliable the resistance of textile  fibers
2014    All components are manufacturing  on our own technical specifications at 90% in our Wireco factories
2013    higher and lower ropes improvement for a longer duration of use
2013    Sustainable Development Project on the treatment of our seines

Our offer

  • To benefit to the lowest operating and maintenance costs of the market 
  • To permanent gain on reliability with using the more updated technology on netting of the market
  • Free assistance of our study Office for all technical changes with the provision of updated plans. 
  • Access to our specialized technicians moving around on the fishing grounds at a preferential cost,

Le Drezen knowledge

  • Benefit from 50 years of co-construction with the owners and skippers to better understand the diversity of fishing conditions
  • Design the fishing gear plan tailored to the boat and to its fishing zone in the goal of increasing catch volumes
  • Using exclusive digital simulation software The Drezen to scientifically analyze the behavior of the seine and the tensions which it is subject. This analysis is strongly taken into account in determining the specifications of each component
  • 90% of the components are produced in our factories with own factories and 100% are labeled "tuna purse seines."
  • The assembly Le Drezen is designed to enhance the coherence of the fishing gear and maximize resistances to normal or accidental tensions that cause tearing and accelerated ageing
  • The availability and responsiveness of all the company's services for consulting, technical monitoring and associated logistics solutions