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TUNA : responsible and sustainable fishing techniques

Since the adoption of the « Contrat d'Avenir Thonier – DCP éco » - a programme to modify FADs - led by the organisation of producers of frozen and deep-frozen tropical tuna (ORTHONGEL) and the French Research Institute for Development (IRD), the French fleet only use non-entangling FADs (according to Orthhongel decision n°11 of 23 November 2011).

In 2012 ORTHONGEL developed a new programme which took things a step further : the manufacturing of 100% eco-friendly FADs (non-entangling and pollution free).

According to the results of the MADE programme, ORTHONGEL’s programme has, with the help of public financial support, modified Fish Aggregated Devices (FADs) of the whole of the French tuna fleet to eradicate the accidental death of turtles (a few dozen per year) and sharks (statistics from a study carried out by « CAT requin » at the same period).

Further information on Contrat d'Avenir Thonier « DCP éco »

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