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How to increase your productivity and fishing catch

Thanks to over 50 years of experience, LE DREZEN can offer advice on your maintenance and warn you of the dangers.

1. Choose the lacing thread carefully: essential to avoid tearing

All too often lacing thread is chosen and purchased without taking into consideration the resistance of the seine.  If you choose the right lacing, for 1000/2000 dollars extra per year, per seine, you can avoid tearing.

2. For each seine, a webbing: an important technical choice

Net webbing is designed for a specific purpose : to maintain proper net tension.  Each net is made according to particular technical specifications.  Net webbing must be age and abraison resistant.   For this, the nets must have their own stretching properties which are defined by the manufacturer’s industrial choices.

Therefore, using webbing with technical specifications inferior to those of the seine could lead to premature tearing.

3. Ropes : guarantee the durability of your seine

Far too often ropes are purchased without taking into account their durability and stretch properties.  You may even use several different ropes on the same seine.

When you choose an unsuitable rope it will age prematurely or not stretch sufficiently or, on the contrary, stretch too much, which reduces the tension of the seine. Again the risk of tearing increases.

4. Chain, an important link

The quicker the chain corrodes, the quicker the components in contact with it, such as the net, will oxidize and compromise the overall resistance.

Also be careful not to use a chain which is too heavy as the sinking speed depends on a succession of design decisions and not just the weight of the chain.  On the contrary, too much weight increases the net tension and leads to tearing.  A less resistant chain which breaks leads to tearing and possible damage.

5. Changing the format of a seine : a common practice

For example : your seine is 3 years old and the skipper wants to extend it by adding a panel.

Be careful !  An additional panel increases the weight and tension of the lacing threads, which are also 3 years old.

Consequences : the lacing threads become tighter even though they are only 3 years old.  They risk breaking and after just 6 months you will no longer be able to use your seine !

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