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How to increase the service life of braiding, and of your seine, by a year

Essential advice and recommendations for which LE DREZEN provides adapted solutions.


  • 1. Always use lacing, nets, ropes and components of technological quality.
  • 2. Never change the format of a seine : one or two panels weigh the seine down and the webbing and lacing thread become too taut.  This increases the risk of tearing.  
  • 3.  Using high resistance technological thread and nets made with good quality technical components will cost a lot less than days of inactivity due to damage.

LE DREZEN offers a solution to reduce operational costs by ensuring the quality and reliability of the net, thread, ropes and components of your seine.

Using quality materials will spare you the cost of damage which leads to the immobilisation of your vessel for several days…

Le Drezen
Le Drezen