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Know-how, mounting and assembling

Fishing gear « made in France made by hand, designed and manufactured in LE DREZEN’s workshops. 

Heir to a very strong tradition and a rare expertise, LE DREZEN has been designing and manufacturing tuna seine nets since the arrival of the first tuna fleet in France in 1960.  We have since innovated constantly aiming to improve durability, drop speed, selectivity and efficiency of our tuna nets thus reducing maintenance costs.

Although LE DREZEN has been creating fishing gear using digital technology for a number of years, our know-how on textiles and mechanics, the expertise of our in-house specialists and the hand assembling of our nets is a token of quality and reliability.

A unique know-how, proven techniques 

  • Le Drezen's unique process of  assembling the panels of netting mesh by mesh to lessen tensions in the net and thus reduce the risk of tearing during fishing.
  • Speed and depth maximised by a perfect balance of the seine net.
  • An exclusive know-how of drawing and cutting to limit abnormal tension.
Le Drezen
Le Drezen