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What is a tuna purse seine?

What is a tuna purse seine?

1- It is 96 tons of equipment
  • 65 tons of netting – 300 to 350 bales
  • 3 tons of twine
  • 4 tons of ropes
  • 16 tons of chain
  • 9 tons of floats
  • + 5 kinds of junction rigging
This addition of material is inconsistent because it is textile and metal. None of these 6 components has the same properties or the same objectives inside the tuna purse seine
It is also the result of mathematical calculations, hydraulic and scientists using the mechanics of materials to make this assembling called “tuna purse seine" resistant to various constraints under which the tuna seine fishery in its life
  • Hydraulic and winches abrasion, 
  • The winches pulling force on the cable of about 18 to 28 tons, part of which is reflected in the seine
  • Our Goal is to offer the more reliable gear to catch more volume and reduce operational cost,
  • The seine is a predominantly textile gear whose balance is calculated scientifically. Any change in its composition, its size, its weight is a risk of damage to the seine and premature ageing
  • Each component selection and assembly technique guarantees maximum lifetime of seine without damages. This balance efficiency can continue by only using ingredients “Le Drezen”

Example of false economy 

Which greatly increases the tears 
Severely reduces the life of the seine to  1 year or more
Greatly increases the maintenance costs that can amount to the cost of buying a seine 
  1. Use  a too standard braid “more fragile” to save only on  the purchase price € 1,500 annual
  2. Partially or totally use a rope which has different elongation and strength properties 
  3. Change the format of a seine during its lifetime 
  4. Use another assembly on maintenance than that recommended
  5. Use nettings with different strength properties 
  6. Increase the weight of the lest, with chain for example while this has very little importance in the sinking speed of a seine
Le Drezen
Le Drezen